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TIG Torches

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WBK-500 Gentec MUL-T-TORCH Weed Burner Torch Kit,500K BTU


Gentec MUL-T-TORCH Weed Burner Torch Kit, 500K BTU (Must purchase in quantity of 6)

12-PTC Gentec TOTE-A-TORCH,Medium Duty Deluxe W/Carrier,Cylinders,Check valves in Standard Cases


Gentec TOTE-A-TORCH, Medium Duty Deluxe with Carrier, Cylinders & check valves in Standard Cases, Model Number: 100120002

4400372 Harris VMD VH10C801-510 DLX Ironworker® Torch Kit, Medium Duty, Victor®


Torch Kit, VMD VH10C801-510 DLX, Fuel Gas: Oxy-Acetylene/Hydrogen; Capacity: Medium Duty; Style: Victor®; Cutting Tip: V3-101-1; Cutting Attachment: VH13; Hose: 20 ft x 1/4 Inch Grade R; Mixer: V-W-1; Oxygen Regulator: 801-145-540