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B6278 Alemite-Grease Swivel Adaptor,includes-Swivel Hydraulic Coupler 6509-D


Alemite Grease Fitting, 90 Degrees Grease Coupler

307115 Alemite Hose Coupler,1/4",Male,Working PSI/300


Alemite Hose Coupler, Size: 1/4", Material: Steel, Connection Type: Male, Working PSI: 300

317850-1F Alemite Grease Gun Hose,Whip hose assembly for hydraulic fitting,# 308730,1/8",L 18"


Alemite Grease Gun Hose, Type: Whip hose assembly for hydraulic fitting, Style: For coupler # 308730, Size: 1/8", Length: 18", Material: Thermoplastic, Working PSI: 4800

575A1 Alemite Cordless Grease Gun,12 volt cordless grease gun,One 12 volt battery.


Alemite Cordless Grease Gun, Type: 12 volt cordless grease gun, Style: One 12 volt battery, Grade: Delivers up to 6 cartridges of grease, Size: Medium, Length: 24", Material: Steel and Plastic, Working PSI: 6500, Handle Material: Steel

6709-B4 Alemite Bearing Packer Hand Pump,Attaches to original refinery container,M


Alemite Bearing Packer, Type: Hand pump, Style: Attaches to original refinery containers, Size: Medium, Material: Steel

7936 Alemite Oil Regulator Filter,Filter/moisture separator,Mini W/auto dump


Alemite Oil Regulator Filter, Type: Filter/moisture separator, Style: Mini with auto dump, Connection Type: Inlet / outlet 1/4" NPTF (f), Material: Plastic

B412 Alemite Bearing Packer,Plastic,For repacking wheel bearings,3/4" -6" bearings


Alemite Bearing Packer, Type: Use with grease guns, Style: For repacking wheel bearings, Size: 3/4" -6" bearings, Material: Plastic

1627-B Alemite Grease Fitting,Hydraulic Fitting Straight 7/8x1/4 P


Alemite Grease Fitting, Hydraulic Fitting Straight 7/8 X 1/4 P BULK

1637-B1 Alemite Grease Fitting,Hydraulic Fitting 45 Deg 1/4-28 Tp 3/8 HEX


Alemite Grease Fitting, Hydraulic Fitting 45 degree 1/4-28 Tp 3/8 HEX

313650 Alemite Grease Fitting,Air Vent 2.4 Cfm 3/8 PTF


Alemite Grease Fitting, Air Vent 2.4 Cfm 3/8 PTF

43748 Alemite Lubrication Fitting,Elbow Body-90 Deg 1/4" NPTx1/4" NPT


Alemite Lubrication Fitting, Elbow Body - 90 Degree 1/4" NPT x 1/4" NPT

1940-B Alemite Lubrication Fitting,HYDRAULIC SHUT-OFF FITTINGS-5/8"


Alemite Lubrication Fitting, HYDRAULIC SHUT-OFF FITTINGS - 5/8"