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Welding Supplies - Regulators
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190AR-50 Gentec Flowgauge Regulator,"Mig Meter" Argon,CGA580,110035000

Gentec Flowgauge Regulator, "Mig Meter" Argon, CGA580, Model Number: 110035000
$98.62 / Each

191AR-60 Gentec Flowmeter Regulator,1 Pc,Piston Type,Argon GCA580,110045000

Gentec Flowmeter Regulator, 1 Piece, Piston Type, Argon GCA580, Model Number: 110045000
$123.10 / Each

229 Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator,Economy,CGA580,110145000

Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator, Economy, CGA580, Model Number: 110145000
$32.34 / Each

229G Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator,Economy W/Gauge,CGA580,110145003

Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator, Economy with Gauge, CGA580, Model Number: 110145003
$52.68 / Each

230 Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator,Wrench Tight,CGA580,110159002

Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator, Wrench Tight, CGA580, Model Number: 110159002
$49.68 / Each

230G Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator,Wrench Tight,CGA580 W/Gauge, 110159004

Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator, Wrench Tight, CGA580 with Gauge, Model Number: 110159004
$57.28 / Each

230HG Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator,Hand Tight,CGA580 W/Gauge,110159012

Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator, Hand Tight, CGA580 with Gauge, Model Number: 110159012
$60.38 / Each

230HGMYA Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator,230HG W/Access & Mylar Shutoff, 110159020

Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator, 230HG with Access & Mylar Shutoff, Model Number: 110159020
$119.26 / Each

452X-80 Gentec Single Stage Medium Duty Regulator,Oxygen,CGA540,110211000

Gentec Single Stage Medium Duty Regulator, Oxygen, CGA540, Model Number: 110211000
$108.94 / Each

452Y-15 Gentec Single Stage Medium Duty Regulator,Acetylene,CGA510,110212000

Gentec Single Stage Medium Duty Regulator, Acetylene, CGA510, Model Number: 110212000
$108.94 / Each

752X-80 Gentec Medium Duty Oxygen Regulator,110261302

Gentec Medium Duty Oxygen Regulator, Model Number: 110261302
$102.90 / Each

752Y-15SP Gentec Medium Duty Acet Regulator,Skin Package,510262301

Gentec Medium Duty Acet Regulator, Skin Package, Model Number: 510262301
$107.60 / Each