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Stem Shield Inc 18" Stem Shield - Yellow - 18"L x 2"D

Valve Stem Cover, Stem Shield, F/ 18" Valve Stems, Safety Yellow
Manufacturer part number: SS7VC


Valve Stem Cover, Stem Shield, F/ 18" Valve Stems, Safety yellow

Stem Shields are pipe and elastomeric foam "sleeves" that quickly slip over exposed valve stems. A small, stainless steel tether holds them in place. They provide simple, cost-effective safeguards against preventable injuries and maintenance issues due to uncovered valve stems. Common Injuries associated with uncovered Valve Stems: Concussions, Scrapes, Cuts, Bruises, Facial Gouges, Broken Ribs, Dental Trauma, Dislocated Shoulders, Impalement. Common Maintenance/Miscellaneous issues that can occur are ceased up valves, Corroded stems, Debris in yoke, Lubricant dissipation, Tight Wheels, Torn FRC's. 

  • Stem Shields, depending on size, weigh between 7-14 ounces. They are lightweight and easily ship from supplier to your job site
  • With 5 sizes to choose from, Stem Shields are made to fit the length and diameter of 95% of all industrial stems. *We can also create customized sizes to meet your needs
  • Stem Shields are installed in less than 30 seconds
  • Stem Shields attach to valves without inhibiting operations
  • The Stem Shield is constructed to resist damage, element erosion, and the chance of being accidentally dislodged
  • Stem Shields are designed with quality in mind, utilizing stainless steel attachments and chemically resistant, waterproof, flexible rubber foam cushioning
  • Stem Shields are cylinders, made to complement the shape of traditional valve stems
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