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0719-22 Milwaukee Sawzall V28 Cordless Reciprocating Saw,Metal or wood cutting

Milwaukee Sawzall V28 Cordless Reciprocating Saw, Type: Metal or wood cutting, Style: Cordless, Voltage: 28 DC, Stroke Length: 1-1/8" Speed: 0-2000/0-3000 SPM, Includes: Two 28 Volt Lithium-ion batteries and two Super Sawzall blades
$934.00 / Each

0729-21 Milwaukee V28 Cordless Band Saw,Voltage/V28,includes/1 Lithium-Ion battery pack

Milwaukee V28 Cordless Band Saw, Type: Portable worm gear and chain drive band saw, Voltage: V28, Includes: 1 Lithium-Ion battery pack, Speed: 0-225/0-350 FPM, Deep Cut Capacity in Rectangular Stock: 4-3/4" x 4-3/4"
$840.00 / Each

0730-22 Milwaukee V28 6-1/2" CIRCULAR SAW W/2-28V Batteries

Milwaukee Tool V28 6-1/2" CIRCULAR SAW With 2-28V Batteries
$794.00 / Each

0740-22 Milwaukee Cordless Circular Saw,SAW METAL CUTTING 6-7/8 28

Milwaukee Tool Cordless Circular Saw, SAW METAL CUTTING 6-7/8 28
$946.00 / Each

2420-22 Milwaukee M12 Cordless Hack Saw,Hackzall reciprocating saw

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Hack Saw, Type: Hackzall reciprocating saw, Style: Variable speed trigger compact, lightweight saw, Speed: 0-3000, Voltage: 12V, Set Includes: Two 12V Lithium-ion batteries, one 30-minute charger, two Hackzall blades and carrying case, AKA: Hand saw kit
$294.00 / Each

2621-21 Milwaukee M18 Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Reciprocating Saw, Type: Sawzall reciprocating saw tool kit with one battery, Style: Cuts up to 30% faster with less vibration, Voltage: 18V, Speed: 0-3200 spm, Set includes: 18V XC High Capacity LITHIUM-ION battery, 1-hour charger, one general purpose SAWZALL blade and carry case
$454.00 / Each

6225 Milwaukee Band Saw,Uses standard 44-7/8"x1/2"x.020" band saw blades

Milwaukee Electric Tool Band Saw, Type: Portable trigger switch, Style: Uses standard 44-7/8" x 1/2" x .020" band saw blades, AMPS: 6.0/5.0 amp, AC only , Speed: 200 and 250 SFPM , Max Capacity (rectangular): 3-1/2 " x 4-1/2", Max Capacity (round): 3-1/2"
$526.00 / Each

6232-21 Milwaukee Band Saw,4-7/8"cutting capacity

Milwaukee Electric Tool Band Saw, Type: Variable speed dial & trigger , Style: 4-7/8" deep cutting capacity with kit box, AMPS: 10.5/5.5, 120 AC, Speed: 0-420 SFPM , Max Capacity (rectangular): 4-7/8" x 4-7/8", Max Capacity (round): 4-7/8", Note: Was 6232-6N
$547.00 / Each


$315.00 / Each

6276-21 Milwaukee Jig Saw,JIG SAW BODY GRIP ORB VAR

Milwaukee Tool Jig Saw, JIG SAW BODY GRIP ORB VAR
$310.00 / Each

6370-20 Milwaukee Circular Saw,SAW METAL CUTTING 8

Milwaukee Tool Circular Saw, SAW METAL CUTTING 8
$539.00 / Each

6370-21 Milwaukee Circular Saw,8"

Milwaukee Circular Saw, Blade Size: 8", Type: Metal cutting saw with plunge lever, Style: 5/8" Spindle with lock, Speed 3700 rpm, Cut Depth: 2-9/16 ", Amps: 13, Voltage: 120 AC
$616.00 / Each