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Hand Tools - Construction and Road Tools
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1195500 Ames Railroad Pick W/Handle,36",Head Wt/6 lb

Ames Railroad Pick with Handle, Size: 36", Head Wt: 6 lb
$35.60 / Each

2036900 Ames Clay Pick Handle,L 36"-664M,5-9lb,OEM,Yellow

Ames Union Tools Clay Pick Handle, Length: 36" - 664M, Weight: 5-9lb, Type: OEM, Color: Yellow
$17.20 / Each

63121 Ames Razor-Back Road/stone Rake,14T,FGD,R14

Ames Union Tools Razor-Back Road/stone Rake, Size: 14T, FGD, R14
$76.70 / Each

63125 Ames Razor-Back Asphalt/Tar Rake,14T,FGD,A14D

Ames Union Tools Razor-Back Asphalt/Tar Rake, Size: 14T, FGD, A14D
$90.45 / Each

63133 Ames Razor-Back Asphalt Lute,36" Wrap around brace-82/powder-coated handle W/5.5" end grip

Ames Union Tools Razor-Back Asphalt Lute, Size: 36" Wrap around brace - 82: powder-coated handle with 5.5" end grip, Material: Aluminum
$91.40 / Each

83148 Ames Razorback Concrete/Barn Rake,No

Ames Razorback Concrete/Barn Rake, Style: No Rebar Hook
$37.00 / Each

83154 Ames Razorback Concrete/Barn Rake,Rebar Hook

Ames Razorback Concrete/Barn Rake, Style: With Rebar Hook
$23.50 / Each