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General Supplies - Batteries
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06103985 Duracell Procell Mini-counter Display Unit,10"Wx51/2"Dx13"H,3-Shelf

Duracell Procell Mini-counter Display Unit, Size: 10"W x 51/2"D x 13"H, Style: 3-Shelf
Call for pricing / Each

4133300531 Duracell Coppertop Batteries,Mirco Counter Unit

Duracell COPPERTOP Batteries, Type: Mirco Counter Unit, Includes: 14 packs of AA-4 PK MN1500B4Z Per Display
$94.36 / Each

4133300933 Duracell Coppertop Saver Pack Batteries,2 Tray Floorstand Display

Duracell COPPERTOP Saver Pack Batteries, Type: 2 Tray Floorstand Display, Includes: 44 packs of AA-8 PK MN15B8PTPZ99, 20 packs of AAA-8 PK MN24B8PTPZ99, 18 packs of 9V-2 PK MN1604B2Z, 9 packs of C-4 PK MN1400R4ZX17 & 6 packs of D-4 PK MN1300R4Z17
$1,348.80 / Each

4133306566 Duracell Coppertop Batteries Facing Strip,includes/6 packs of MN1500B42

Duracell COPPERTOP Batteries Facing Strip, Includes: 6 packs of MN1500B42 per Strip - 8 Strips per Display
$323.52 / Each

4133307424 Duracell Coppertop Regular Pack Batteries,1 Tray Counter Unit Display

Duracell COPPERTOP Regular Pack Batteries, Type: 1 Tray Counter Unit Display, Includes: 14 packs of AA-4 PK MN1500B4Z, 9 packs of AAA-4 PK MN2400B4Z, 6 packs of 9V-1 PK MN1604B1Z, 4 packs of C-2 PK MN1400B2Z & 3 packs of D-2 PK MN1300B2Z
$248.48 / Each

6V-HD Ray-o-Vac Lantern Battery,Heavy Duty,6V

Ray-o-Vac Battery, Size: 6 volt, Type: Heavy Duty, Style: Industrial
$3.94 / Each

ALAA-24 Ray-o-Vac Battery,AA,Alkaline

Ray-o-Vac Battery, Size: AA, Type: Alkaline, Package Quantity: 24 per pack
$14.50 / Pack

ALAAA-24 Ray-o-Vac Battery,AAA,Alkaline

Ray-o-Vac Battery, Size: AAA, Type: Alkaline, Package Quantity: 24 per pack
$15.22 / Pack

ALC-12 Ray-o-Vac Battery,C,Alkaline

Ray-o-Vac Battery, Size: C, Type: Alkaline, Package Quantity: 12 per pack
$15.61 / Pack

ALD-12 Ray-o-Vac Battery,D,Alkaline

Ray-o-Vac Battery, Size: D, Type: Alkaline, Package Quantity: 12 per pack
$22.94 / Pack

MN1300 Duracell Coppertop Batteries,D,12 Pack

Duracell COPPERTOP Bulk Batteries, Size: D, Packaging Qty: 12 per Pack - 6 Packs per Case
$39.25 / Pack

MN1300B2Z Duracell Coppertop Regular Batteries,D,2 Pack

Duracell COPPERTOP Regular Batteries, Size: D, Packaging Qty: 2 per Pack - 48 Packs Per Case
$7.50 / Pack