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Ames True Temper

Ames True Temper
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64430 Ames Leaf Rake,22"

Ames Union Tools Leaf Rake, Size: 22", Material: Steel
$14.25 / Each

66108 Ames Garden Hoe,6-1/4",WLD SHANK

Ames Union Tools Garden Hoe, Size: 6-1/4", WLD SHANK, YG6.25
$14.80 / Each

75138 Ames Razor-Back Potato-Refuse Hook,Professional,7" W/a forged 54" wooden handle

Ames Razor-Back Potato-Refuse Hook, Type: Professional, Size: 7" with a forged 54" wooden handle, Style: 4-tine Diamond Pt
$88.40 / Each

78002 Ames Post Hole Digger,1-Pc high carbon steel blades,48" wood handles W/5.5" point spread

Ames True Temper Union Tools Post Hole Digger, Type: 1-piece high carbon steel blades, Size: 48" wood handles with 5.5" point spread
$45.00 / Each

78004 Ames Razor-Back Post Hole Digger,2-peice riveted high carbon steel blades,48"

Ames True Temper Razor-Back Post Hole Digger, Type: 2-peice riveted high carbon steel blades, Size: 48"atlas pattern wood handles with 5.5" spread
$56.20 / Each

79770 Ames DH ABS Grain/Snow Scoop,14-3/4"x18-3/4" blade

Ames Union Tools DH ABS Grain/Snow Scoop, Size: 14-3/4"x18-3/4" blade
$30.60 / Each

79805 Ames Shovel,RHGPL,Genral Purpose,11-1/2"x14-1/2",46" Wood handle

Ames Union Tools Shovel, Model: RHGPL, Type: Genral Purpose, Size: 11-1/2" x 14-1/2", Handle : 46" wood handle
$36.40 / Each

79809 Ames DH General Purpose Steel Shovel,11-1/2"x14-1/2" blade

Ames Union Tools DH General Purpose Steel Shovel, Size: 11-1/2"x14-1/2" blade, Handle: 34", Handle Type: D-grip
$53.44 / Each

79818 Ames LH General Purpose Shovel,Aluminum,46" Handle

Ames Union Tools LH General Purpose Shovel, Material: Aluminum, Handle: 46", Handle Type: Straight
$46.60 / Each

83148 Ames Razorback Concrete/Barn Rake,No

Ames Razorback Concrete/Barn Rake, Style: No Rebar Hook
$37.00 / Each

83154 Ames Razorback Concrete/Barn Rake,Rebar Hook

Ames Razorback Concrete/Barn Rake, Style: With Rebar Hook
$23.50 / Each